How to use BoxPlot charts

Jon Peltier wrote a post on his blog regarding a chart from The Economist on “Income distribution by decile in selected OECD countries”.

Here is a simple interpretation of this chart using "boxplot" charts with standard and logarithmic scale :

You can download the excel data file here and use it once the Sparklines for Excel add-in is installed on your computer.


Jon Peltier said...

Nice. The small bar chart showing disparity is a nice touch, showing the width of each distribution on the same baseline.

Jon Peltier said...

Nice. The accompanying bar chart may not be necessary, but it allows an easier comparison of the widths of the distributions, because the bars share a baseline.

nixnut said...

Very nice, Fabrice. It's a joy to see the new functions put to good use :-)

nixnut said...

Must be boxplot week. Here's another blog post about boxplots.

I've tried to reproduce, that chart with the xboxplot function.