Stand-alone template for XL2003

For those who do not want to install the add-in, and share easily file using Sparklines formulas,
a stand-alone template file is available here.

Note : includes correction of missing values display in Linechart (cf Mike T comment )

Draft version of updated manual

The draft of the new manual is available here or here if SourceForge download does not work.

It includes a short visual explanation of the different parameters used in the Sparklines formulas.

It does not include descriptions for Pareto(), Cascade() and Heatmap(), but these functions have not changed since previous versions.

For extra help, you can refer to the initial manual, still available here.

XL2007 and XL2003 v 3.4 add-in update online

V3.4 of the add-in for XL 2007 is available here.
V3.4 of the add-in for XL 2003 is available here. (zip)

Main enhancements :
  • Icon for Horizon Chart
  • Option to extrapolate gaps in linechart
  • Syntax of Spreadchart has been modified (all parameters are numbers. Not text)
  • For XL 2007, ribbon aspect has changed for more direct access to the "Refresh" icon
  • Better handling of volatile functions (no more infinite loop while redrawing... but still one too much!)
New UserForm with possibility to :
  • Activate / deactivate sparklines formulas
  • Update the path of sparklines.xla (or xlam) for those who decided to install the add-in in special directory (by default : c:\program files\Sparklines)
  • Delete Sparklines formulas ( but leave the charts in place)
  • Delete ALL shapes on the worksheet (including controls and Excel charts)
  • Delete ONLY Sparklines (without deleting controls and Excel charts)
  • Refresh Sparklines
Bugs correction :
  • to many to be listed here, but according to my tests, the add-in is much more stable now, and faster at refreshing the shapes.... you'll let me know