SourceForge bug ?

I received several mails complaining about the XL2007 add-in download on SourceForge.

If the file you download is "", just rename it as "Sparklines.xlam" and install it in your excel Trusted Zone directory.

I have not been able to reproduce this bug on the 4 or 5 computers, but just in case...
Simple trick, but annoying bug.

Choropleth Map of Romania

As I am spending most of my time in Bucharest, here goes a follow-up to Robert's post on his blog Clearly and Simply ...

An Excel
Choropleth Map of Romania. Download HERE (243Kb - xls)

Food for thought

Alberto Cairo. Visualization and knowledge. A short invitation to infographics

"Graphics works better than a table because, when give a visual shape to data, I'm creating a tool useful to accelerate (and sometimes replace) the processes the brain follow to reach its target"

"My personal method when I create infographic projects is very easy. It has three stages: research, planning and final art"

"The complexer the information gets, more basic should be the style to represent it"

Sparklines manual in German

Alois Eckl brings a great contribution to the project with a translation of the manual into German.

You can download it here.

Alois' site Excel-inside is a tremendous source of information... if you speak German obviously.

Vielen Dank für die Hilfe Alois !