Microsoft potential fallacy regarding Sparklines ©

After reading this article about one of Microsoft's last advertising (which by the way must be one of the worst ever), I was wondering what was the intention behind the © after "Sparklines".

Does it mean "term copyrighted by E. Tufte" and therefore Microsoft HAS TO mention the © symbol or "newly re-copyrighted by Microsoft (in case nobody pays attention)" and in this case, Microsoft would be playing a very insidious disinformation game here.

What do you think ?

64 bits version available for download

As first feedbacks are rather positives, the 64bits version for Excel 2010 is available for download HERE.

I had doubts about how the Color Chooser tool is behaving (Menu "Sparklines Tools" --> "Color Chooser"), but it seems to be OK.

Keep me posted if any issue.