64 bits version testers wanted

I have done some work on the 64 bits version, tested under Windows 7 / Office 2010 environment.

Drop me a line if you are interested in testing the add-in, as I do not have the proper environment to do so.

The version to be tested is the last 3.9, with BumpChart() included.

Thanks in advance

Update for Excel 2007

Version 3.9.22062010 for Excel 2007 / 2010, both add-in and template file, is available for download under the coffe cup --------------->

Here is what changed since V 3.8

'11/03/2010 - Reactivated Turnmytrappingon in ThisWorkbook module
'11/03/2010 - LineChart : add Tag =8 and 9 for open or close tag
'29/04/2010 - Boxplot includes new parameter "HighlightValue" + "ShowMedian" by Art Steinmetz
'29/04/2010 - StripeChart includes new parameter "HighlightValue" + "ShowMedian" by Art Steinmetz
'06/05/2010 - Pareto if Label = 1 --> show cumulated % if label=2 --> show individual %
'06/05/2010 - Heatmap, if color code left empty, use background color of "color" cells from colorscale range
'12/05/2010 - Add ColorRange to Barchart ---> each bar can have a specific color - Based on Ramesh code
'12/05/2010 - Add possibility to use background color of cell for Barchart. Cell must be empty or non numeric
'14/05/2010 - Reviewed legend display for CascadeChart
'17/05/2010 - Added BumpChart UDF
'18/05/2010 - Corrected PieChart grouping for 0%
'03/06/2010 - Corrected HorizonChart() when values = all negative
'03/06/2010 - Corrected AreaChart() when consecutive Zeros
'17/06/2010 - Added Transparency and DiameterRatio to Piechart
'18/06/2010 - Added ColorRange to Bullet and RevBullet... Rasta colors everywhere !

I am currently working on the manual, to include all those changes... and on the Excel 2003 version.

PS : the "Template" file looks like an empty file... It just contains all the VBA code for SfE to work but does not contain examples of how to use SfE.

I you want to easily share files using SfE formulas in a corporate environment where it is forbidden to install programs on local PCs, the Template file is your solution. Use is as a New blank file, rename it keeping the .xlsm extension and share it as any other XL file.