SFE Manual update

I am slowly updating the manual and will release updates function by function before publishing the full set.

  • Full Set (except functions under construction) <--- updated 01-28-2010

SFE @ Chandoo Visualization Challenge #2

If you have not heard about Chandoo's blog "Pointy Haired Dilbert", check it out NOW and dig this "Excel knowledge" mother lode.
In November 2009, Chandoo launched his second visualization challenge. 32 participants submitted their solutions of "Sales Team Dashboard", most of them using Excel.
150 readers voted for the best dashboard, and to my surprise (and delight !), the winner solutions were using Sparklines for Excel...

1st place : Alex Kerin – who writes at Data Driven Consulting.
Alex used BulletChart(), Varichart(), StackedChart(), LineChart() and even Piechart() to create a simple yet comprehensive dashboard. Alex’s entry received 23 votes.

2nd placeCuboo – who writes at Open BI, made this clear and well structured dashboard using MS Excel & Palo. Cuboo already won the previous visualization challenge. Cuboo’s entry received 22 votes.

I hope to have some spare time to participate to the next Challenge and show what can be achieved with SFE ...

Permanent beta links

I just added 2 links to my development files in the sidebar.
for Excel 2007 and  for Excel 2003

Those files are permanent beta versions, so make the necessary backups before using them !
I was also thinking about opening a forum for SFE with FAQ and bug reports... what do you think ?