BeanPlots available

A new version of SfE is online for download, on time for Xmas (Excel 2207 and 2010 only so far).
Few changes except that BeanPlot() is available in the Distribution menu.

This function requires only one mandatory parameter : Serie1, which is the range of data you want to visualize.
The 2nd parameter, Bins, represents the number of "slices" you want to divide the data into.

For large datasets, Bins=10 works nice. As you will play with it, you'll find out that the calculation time increases dramatically with a higher number of bins.

The list of parameters is as follow :

    Mandatory Serie1 As Variant
    Optional Bins As Integer
    Optional ScaleStart As Variant
    Optional ScaleEnd As Variant
    Optional Vertical As Boolean
    Optional HighlightValue As Variant
    Optional ShowMedian As Boolean
    Optional ColorScheme1 As Long
    Optional Serie2 As Variant
    Optional ColorScheme2 As Long 

So far the 2 last parameters related to a second serie of data are not used.

Downloads :

Happy Xmas !

Additional chart in SfE : BeanPlot()

Currently working on a new type of chart : Beanplot()

It´s an enhanced version of Boxplot.
Boxplots gives a quick view about the structure of a univariate dataset, but remains a black box when it comes to provide clear information about the detailed distribution of this data.

The BeanPlot shows a mirrored estimated density of the distribution, specially usefull to identify multimodal distribution as shown in the picture above (1st serie of data).

This paper provides a good description of Beanplots principles :

And here is the first screenshot of SfE's Beanplot() UDF in progress.... stay tuned.