LineChart and Horizontally arranged data

I just posted a new version of the template file for XL2003, including a correction for LineChart.

Ranges containing blank cells, errors or non numeric values are now properly displayed.
Still some work to do on the min/max tags... lets hope it rains this week end.

Download links :

How LineChart deals with missing values (in template file)

After seeing somme comments about how LineChart handles (or not) missing values, I just downloaded and tested the template file from Sourceforge.

Here is the result... Looks OK to me.

There are however two problematic cases with LineChart.
1) the case of an isolated value : you need 2 values to draw a line, so individual poin will not be displayed if the GapStyle parameter is different than 1 or 2

2) when all values are identical and the scale (Min and Max) is not defined ... where should the resulting horizonal line be drawn ? In order to see it, specify Min and Max.

If you have found more cases, please send me a screenshot at : sparklines.excel - at-