BulletChart() and RevBulletChart() specifications

BulletCharts colors can be modified via additional parameter "ColorScheme"

For metrics like "cost" or "claims", where a high value represents a poor performance, use RevBulletChart().


Paul said...

How do I use the ColorScheme parameter?

I'd like to change the color of the Forecast line, but can't find any instructions.


Tom McKlin said...

I downloaded and added the 64-bit version of Sparklines for Excel 2010 in the hopes of using the bullet charts. However, when I enter the three necessary bullet chart parameters into the formula (measure, target, maxi), no bullet chart appears. Am I missing something simple?


Mes Cours said...

Mandatory parameters are : measure, Target, good, bad and max

Unknown said...

I am with Tom McKlin. I downloaded Sparklines, but no bullet graph option came up. It did at one point, but then disappeared. How do I get it back? Please respond. Thanks for your blog!!