Versions log

Sparklines v 3.2

New Features
  • Possibility to install as an add-in for Excel. Take care if you want to distribute files created with the add-in, the Sparklines function will not work on other users' PC.
  • Menu and Toolbar - All functions can be accessed via those 2 means
  • Vertical ScaleLine - Display a a vertical measure scale next to Linecharts, BarCharts or Heatmaps. Choose left or right size.

Minor Changes

  • Heatmap - now includes the possibility to create arrays of piecharts, with variable size and colors
  • LineChart - Corrected error handling of min and max values
  • StackedChart - Reviewed the display of legend, in order to fit in segments
  • Pareto- Reviewed the display of legend

Sparklines v 3.0
  • All charts - added possibility to embed intermediary formulas inside the UDFs)
  • All charts - Each Sparklines is properly renamed (Type, active sheet and position)
  • PieChart - New type of chart Heatmap - New type of chart, suitable for 2D and 3D heatmaps (Size + Color)
  • Boxplot - New type of chart
  • BarChart Added one new parameter (color) to choose the color of the bars
  • LineChart - Added parameters for colors of lines
  • BulletChart - Added possibility to choose a color scheme
  • ScaleLine - Added 3 text zone (Left ; center ; right) and choice of font size
  • VariChart - Added possibility to choose a color scheme
  • Color Scales pdf file- 2 separate sheets with well balanced color scales.
  • Macro to delete Sparklines on the active sheet, but Sparklines only.

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