Release 3.2.5 for Excel 2000.

I have had a great deal of help from Holland during the last weeks.

Nixnut is using XL-2000. He is very knowledgeable about statistics, and rewrote some (big) parts of the code.

Here is Nixnut last
XL-2000 version of Sparklines for Excel.

This release bring some new charts :
StripeChart : It shows a vertical marker line for each value in the range and optionally a taller red line for the average mean. The result is a graph with the distribution of the values in the range.

SpreadChart : A lot like the StripeChart except it shows the frequency distribution of the values in the range in one of three styles: stacked (default), spread or jittered.
It uses dots for the data points.

XBoxPlot (Extended Boxplots). A bit experimental. These boxplots take a range as input and calculate values for whiskers, hatch marks, boxes and outliers as necessary.
There are different classes of boxplots:
Tukey (default), 5NS (five number summary), 7NS (seven number summary), and Bowley.
There are also two styles: Classic (default) and Neo.
The Neo style shows bars instead of whiskers.

Visible enhancements of existing functions :
  • Forecast marker for Bulletchart and RevBulletChart
Invisible enhancements :
  • Improved "Redraw" and "Delete" routines.
  • Version number not included in file name, for easier upgrade.

A great deal of very useful Sparklines, dense, self explanatory and easy to embed in dashboards.

This new version is not documented yet...

Well, it seems that I will have to catch up with the XL2003 version... any volunteer for XL2007 ?

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