Sparklines for XL 2007 - Update

Gustavo posted and update of the XL 2007 sparklines add-in.

It solves some minor bugs and adds AeraChart to the chart list.

The file is available HERE and on SourceForge.


Unknown said...

I installed the app in Excel 2007. Love the ribbon bar implementation. However, it causes excel 2007 with SP1 to crash.
It looks like the charts keep trying to recalculate causing the event to keep firing...

I rebooted after the install, created a 6 data point line chart, and added a formula =randbetween(1,50) to a cell not involved in the chart.

I've had to deinstall from my machine. The sparklines 3.2 that I had, was working fine.

Shadow said...

I'm working on release 3.3 sheet embedded XL 2007 from several days. I've noticed that there is an error on RedrawSparklinesOnSheet() function at line 16.
The correct instruction should be:

If Left(shp.Name, 4) = "Sprk" Then shp.Delete

The wrong instruction cause all custom images (not sparklines, but jpg, bmp, ... inserted by user on sheet) to be deleted.

I'm not sure that new releases are affected by the same problem.

However, I never end to thank you for this great excel improvement. I like sparklines !


TJP said...

I have been having a similar problem as Bob. I had to uninstall everything and start from zero. Does anyone know what is going on? I have had problems whenever I use offset, rand, randbetween, and (I think) vlookup.

Bill D said...

Ditto on crashes. Any volatile functions in the spreadsheet (OFFSET, INDIRECT, etc) cause Sparklines to get into a loop that ends up hanging Excel. The error is 'Out of stack space'

Bob said...

If I had to guess, the recursive nature of the calls to the calculate routine are stacking up.

If I had to fix it, it would be something like.

Static BeenHere as Logical

IF BeenHere Then exit Sub

' do something
BeenHere = True
' while you are doing this, the worksheet calculate event fires so you re-enter the subroutine
' done what you needed to do.

BeenHere = False

Exit sub

Anonymous said...

release linked seems to have same problem mentioned in March/April - is there an updated version?

Unknown said...

Sparklines is a great tool. Thanks for your hard work.

I've had some difficulties in XL2007. It seems to work better if I uninstall other add-ins, but is still buggy.

One major issue: I can't get the Scales to work.

Here's a typical call:

Am I missing something obvious?

Again, thanks for a great tool and thanks for sharing.

Mes Cours said...

Regarding the ScaleLine issue.

Not really a bug, but you need to specify at least one TickInterval parameter.

Try the following : =scaleline("R",100,,200,,50,10,,,10)

It is something easy to change in VBA, I will include the change in the next release.

Mes Cours said...

Regarding interference with other add-ins.

I had a couple of feedback related to this (Palo add-in), unfortunately it's hard to reproduce all situations...

If you could tell me what add-ins you have on your PC, I might have an idea of the kind of interference.


Unknown said...

Fabrice- Thanks!

The scales work now with the tickinterval. One request: can you explain "Base"? The manual say the default is 1. If I input 1, the scale doesn't show up. If I leave it blank, the scale works fine. If I put in 10, I get log.

Re: add-ins. I had Solver and Analysis enabled. Sparklines seems to work better with them disabled. I do have a bunch of other add-ins, but I haven't disabled them and measured performance.

Permis de conduire said...

Great update, thanks !