XL2007 and XL2003 v 3.4 add-in update online

V3.4 of the add-in for XL 2007 is available here.
V3.4 of the add-in for XL 2003 is available here. (zip)

Main enhancements :
  • Icon for Horizon Chart
  • Option to extrapolate gaps in linechart
  • Syntax of Spreadchart has been modified (all parameters are numbers. Not text)
  • For XL 2007, ribbon aspect has changed for more direct access to the "Refresh" icon
  • Better handling of volatile functions (no more infinite loop while redrawing... but still one too much!)
New UserForm with possibility to :
  • Activate / deactivate sparklines formulas
  • Update the path of sparklines.xla (or xlam) for those who decided to install the add-in in special directory (by default : c:\program files\Sparklines)
  • Delete Sparklines formulas ( but leave the charts in place)
  • Delete ALL shapes on the worksheet (including controls and Excel charts)
  • Delete ONLY Sparklines (without deleting controls and Excel charts)
  • Refresh Sparklines
Bugs correction :
  • to many to be listed here, but according to my tests, the add-in is much more stable now, and faster at refreshing the shapes.... you'll let me know


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Will there be a stand-alone file version for XL2003?

Mes Cours said...

On its way !!!

Unknown said...

Hey guys, this version is still deleting existing charts on the page when I redraw sparklines...the page flickers for a few seconds, and then Excel crashes. I'm not sure if it's fighting with existing Add-ins, but this version seems less stable than the prior version from what I can tell. I love the utility, but just wish it wouldn't conflict so much with my current setup.

Unknown said...

hey - The download for 2007 on sourceforge is a zip file and does not contain an xlam file. Is this intended? If so I would very much appreciate some installation guidelines.

Art said...

Haven't even started to use it but sent EUR 5 via paypal on the strength of the manual alone. Beautiful.