Welcome ScatterChart()

Several users have asked for an additionnal UDF to for XY scatter or lines with uneven X intervals.

This UDF is now ready to be integrated in the next release of Sparklines for Excel.
It offers the following features :

  • Display of 2 series of XY data (square + round symbols)
  • 1 vertical reference line
  • 1 horizontal reference line
  • 1 grey "normality" area defined by its X and Y limits
  • Possibility to use logarithmic scale on X and/or Y axis
  • Possibility to modify the color of each serie (not the symbols however)
  • Possibility to zoom in the chart
  • Possibility to toggle the display of  lines and symbols

For the ones interested in early testing, here is a template file.
The original code if from Eric Gundersen, with some adjustments.

Feel free to give me your feedback...


Peter Bretscher said...

Thanks, interesting.

Somehow the ScatterChart.xls is referencing to a file that exists not on my pc ;-)
='D:\Program Files\Sparklines\Sparklines.xla'!scaleline("L";H25-D25;;;;;5;1)

Mes Cours said...

Bengin :
in excel,
Select all cells
Do "Ctrl+H" and replace "D:\Program Files\Sparklines\Sparklines.xla'" with "Nothing" (leave the 2nd field blank)

Unknown said...

Dear Fabrice, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sparklines add-in for Excel. It is the most fabulous little improvement to life (at least until iPhone apps came along - they're pretty great too). I just donated 10 Euros after having used this add-in for several months and I feel guilty for not donating sooner. Go have a coffee AND a muffin on me! Keep up the terrific development! (I work for www.informatics.jax.org if you're interested). ~Kim in Maine, USA