Quick update

Quick post to let you know that I updated the following files :
*.xlam Excel 2007/2010 add-in
*.xla Excel 2003/2002 add-in
*.xlsm Template for Excel 2007

Only Treemap() has been changed, to solve issues related to "zero" values and very small values.

Files are available for download in the right-hand column of the blog.


danièle said...

Hi Fabrice!
Can the 2007 template be used in 2010?
The definite Pros about your in- cell graphs are the possibilities, to change and personalise the graphs. OK, you need to fully grasp the concept, the code, and be a bit thinking out of the square, but you can always see the possibilities which makes the whole exercise much more fun.There is also a wider variety, not all used very often, but once you get an insight into some types of graphs, you realise pretty quickly where and how they could be used efficiently.
Finally, you have shaken enough the notion of effective visualisation to have the big guns wanting to follow you.
Thanks for sharing it all, as well as for the glorious photos and comments about your South American trip.

Mes Cours said...

Hi Danièle,

Thanks for the nice comments.
I was thinking of a graphic user interface, but this is a lot of work/time for a one man project.
Yes the 2007 version can be used w/ office 2010, except for the 64 bits version which requires some tweaking (I am working on this one).
PS :Can't wait to go back to South America.. as soon as the kids can crawl !

Unknown said...

Trying to remove add on due to comp restriction. Must not have done it right. Now every time I open excel, I get...sparklines.xlam could not be found. How can I get excel to quit looking for that? Thanks and love your work.

Thang said...

Thanks for your great work, I'm building a dashboard and it looks very nice.

However, today I just switch to Office 2010 64bit, and a few messages showed up with errors regarding sparklines not work with 64bit.

Could up fix up the codes to work under 64bit office 2010?

Thanks and looking forward to your next release.

Anonymous said...

This is not science... nor art... this is artistry!!!

Unknown said...

Is there a way to share graphs with people who do not have the sparkline add-in? Specifically within the context of a dynamically changing dashboard?