Still moving...

Here goes a quick copy of SfE log of modifications I have been working on lately.

Just to let you know tht despite of the latest "3 month Home Revolution" (sell the house in Paris, get baby twins, move down to southern France (incl. 2 temporary location) and now desperatly looking for a house... not mentionning tons of diapers), I still find some time, in airplanes to work on SfE.

'11/03/2010 - Reactivated Turnmytrappingon in ThisWorkbook module
'11/03/2010 - LineChart : add Tag =8 and 9 for open or close tag
'29/04/2010 - Boxplot includes new parameter "HighlightValue" + "ShowMedian" by Art Steinmetz
'29/04/2010 - StripeChart includes new parameter "HighlightValue" + "ShowMedian" by Art Steinmetz
'06/05/2010 - Pareto if Label = 1 --> show cumulated % if label=2 --> show individual %
'06/05/2010 - Heatmap, if color code left empty, use background color of "color" cells from colorscale range
'12/05/2010 - Add ColorRange to Barchart ---> each bar can have a specific color - based on code by Ramesh
'12/05/2010 - Add possibility to use background color of cell for Barchart. Cell must be empty or non numeric
'14/05/2010 - Reviewed legend display for CascadeChart
'17/05/2010 - Added BumpChart UDF



Oliver said...

Excelent Fabrice.

have you thought on including small multiple charts or trellis charts? (something like )

I know I can use excel to create each little chart next to the other but if we had an utility to create a the whole set of charts it would be awesome.

Unknown said...

Hi Oliver,

go to they have an add-in for multiple charts, but it was to difficult for me.
Other add-in is think-cell.But not for free.


Alex Kerin said...

Great Work as ever - bump charts look nice, like the new tags for line..

Michael Dekker said...

This stuff is great. Thank you.

I prefer to read my Left and Right ScaleXY charts with the numbers in standard orientation. This helps them fit in normal Excel cells also.

Suggested Code Tweaks for DrawScaleXY()

1. Remove This Code, 3 times, under the If Vertical sections.

TextShp.TextFrame.Orientation = msoTextOrientationUpward

2. Under Case "r" and Case "l" change alignment. Example for TextLeft:

Case "l"
.TextFrame.HorizontalAlignment = xlHAlignRight
.TextFrame.VerticalAlignment = xlVAlignBottom

Ulrik Willemoes said...

Hi Fabrice,

This is really nice stuff!

I often make times series line charts that contain upper and lower boundaries for each individual point, but I always end up constructing them as combination charts using the excel charting engine. I touched briefly upon the subject with Robert from Clearly and Simply in conjunction with his article:

I guess what I am asking is this: For the LineChart, would it be an idea to treat MinZone and MaxZone as Ranges?

Thanks for a great application, Ulrik

Anonymous said...

Great work.
One suggestion. I used a the line spark and some values were clear outliers and chart became flat with one spike. If I could specify a upper/lower bound (i.e +/- 100%) the outliners would go away.

Unknown said...

Is there a way to share a workbook with dynamically changing sparkline graphs with multiple users who do not have the sparkline add-in? Thanks!