Update for Excel 2007

Version 3.9.22062010 for Excel 2007 / 2010, both add-in and template file, is available for download under the coffe cup --------------->

Here is what changed since V 3.8

'11/03/2010 - Reactivated Turnmytrappingon in ThisWorkbook module
'11/03/2010 - LineChart : add Tag =8 and 9 for open or close tag
'29/04/2010 - Boxplot includes new parameter "HighlightValue" + "ShowMedian" by Art Steinmetz
'29/04/2010 - StripeChart includes new parameter "HighlightValue" + "ShowMedian" by Art Steinmetz
'06/05/2010 - Pareto if Label = 1 --> show cumulated % if label=2 --> show individual %
'06/05/2010 - Heatmap, if color code left empty, use background color of "color" cells from colorscale range
'12/05/2010 - Add ColorRange to Barchart ---> each bar can have a specific color - Based on Ramesh code
'12/05/2010 - Add possibility to use background color of cell for Barchart. Cell must be empty or non numeric
'14/05/2010 - Reviewed legend display for CascadeChart
'17/05/2010 - Added BumpChart UDF
'18/05/2010 - Corrected PieChart grouping for 0%
'03/06/2010 - Corrected HorizonChart() when values = all negative
'03/06/2010 - Corrected AreaChart() when consecutive Zeros
'17/06/2010 - Added Transparency and DiameterRatio to Piechart
'18/06/2010 - Added ColorRange to Bullet and RevBullet... Rasta colors everywhere !

I am currently working on the manual, to include all those changes... and on the Excel 2003 version.

PS : the "Template" file looks like an empty file... It just contains all the VBA code for SfE to work but does not contain examples of how to use SfE.

I you want to easily share files using SfE formulas in a corporate environment where it is forbidden to install programs on local PCs, the Template file is your solution. Use is as a New blank file, rename it keeping the .xlsm extension and share it as any other XL file.


Roger Diaz said...

I have excel 2007 and I have problems because they are not activated color code especially heatmap and treemap

Eduard Wulff said...

Hi, I tested several versions of the Sparklines Addin together with the Palo Addin 3.1.4161 in Excel 2007 DE(all patches).

The shapes do not get updated when the Palo formulas fetch new data. Refresh shapes works only in the Excel 2003 addin (3.8beta tested).

I have to edit the formulas (F2, mouseclick, return) to get the shapes updated.

Anything you can do about it?

Anonymous said...

Your work is much appreciated. I'm using it with Excel 2007.

When my code sorts a sheet, your xlAppEvent_SheetCalculate(ByVal Sh As Object) fires...anyway to remedy this?


Unknown said...

Hi, I'm an Open Office user who is not familiar with macro programming for either MS Excel or Open Office Calc. Do these macros work with Open Office Calc? How would I use them? - Paul

Mes Cours said...

@ Pete :

SfE will not work with OpenOffice.
And I do not plan any Oo version either.

Aaron said...

Hi, I'm new to sparklines, but it seems like a great tool. Are there any known issues around using auto-fill with the linechart() formula? If I fill in the top cell in a column with it, then fill to all the cells below, it seems to superimpose the top chart over each subsequent chart.

Pedro said...

Amazing work you are doing here! I was trying the Sparklines For Excel in 2010, It doesnt work... I want to write some about it in my blog!

Do you have the Sparklines for Excel 2010?

Thanks and keep the amazing work!

Guillermo said...

amazing work, it looks great but I don´t undestand those color codes you shared on a .pdf file. They don´t look like RGB. What format is that? Can I use the ColorBrewer RGB color codes? Do I need a transformation?

Thanks a lot for your work

TdR said...


When two cells are merged, SfE is not able to refresh graphs after a delete shape.
It is espceially true for Bulletchart.drawchart() maybe for others spaklines too....

The code seems retreiving an empty cell instead of the SfE formula (bulletchart) ad cells are merged....
Hope this help.