64 bits version available for download

As first feedbacks are rather positives, the 64bits version for Excel 2010 is available for download HERE.

I had doubts about how the Color Chooser tool is behaving (Menu "Sparklines Tools" --> "Color Chooser"), but it seems to be OK.

Keep me posted if any issue.


Pascal said...

I was looking for a tree map tool, free and working with excel.

Thanks for your great tool which answer this question, Congratulation!

The first test I did was with the 64bit beta on excel2010 with win7 64bit enterprise and it didn't work, no boxes, no color...nothing.
Then I tried on a 32bit excel2007 with vista 32bit and it worked directly.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

It seems to work fine in 2010 from a couple of minutes testing. However it is attached only to the workbooks I downloaded. How do I get it to work for all workbooks I open? There does not seem to be an install macro....


art steinmetz said...

Running MSO Pro Plus 2010 v. 14.0.4760.1000 (32-bit) and the 64 bit SfE works with my existing spreadsheets that use boxplot and linechart.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded the file. However, the color chooser is not working...Is there another way that I can find the color code? Thanks. Or should I just simply reopen the macro?