SfE for Office 2011 Mac and Office 2013 PC

Quick post here, as most of the activity is now on SfE Forum (see previous post for link). I just tested SfE on Office 2011 for Mac.

Works reasonably well but needs some modifications (shadow is added by default and other display weird things). No Ribbon however and I also have to find a way to make a proper menu with all formulas.

 I got my hands on Office 2013 x64(sleek interface ;-) I like it so far) and got SfE working there too... good news ! There is a good chance that you can create an SfE *.xls in Office 2003 (almost previous century software guys !)and still use it in Office 2013.

 See SfE running running on both environments :


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Alessandro said...

You're amazing!!! Alessandro

Excel Tutor said...

This one is really great! Good Work!
Thumbs UP!

Bharadwaj said...

Where can I find the Mac version?

Mes Cours said...

If you want the Mac version, send me a mail, I will send you the file back


Basic Dashboard said...

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have to deactivate and reactivate the add-on to work. It does not really bother me.
Win7 and Win8;Excel2013