6.795 m = 22.293 ft

Yes, we did it !!

On December 11th at 1 PM, after 3 days on the mountain, we reached the summit of Mount Pissis (6.795m), the 3rd highest mountain of Americas and second highest volcano on earth.

As Aconcagua's -6992m- season had not started and distant Ojos del Salado - 6880m- was under strong winds.. we probably were the highest men on earth that day...
Great moments indeed, but certainly one he hardest thing I've ever done.

More pictures here and here.

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Stefan said...

Congrats! Looks like quite the accomplishment!

Oliver said...

Cool...I image it must be cold as ice out there. Maybe one day Ill stop being lazy and at least some walk on the park.

Happy New Year and thanks for all your addins!!!!