Yes we can !

Robert just sent me an excellent example of heatmap use, based on a NY Times infographic and a recent post on Juice Analytics.

Juice Analytics gave up trying with Excel, but Robert said "Yes we can" et voilĂ  !

The NY Times chart.

Robert's replica with Sparklines for XL heatMap function.

The file is available for download here.

Note : Robert added one line in the code to make the circles transparent, so the text behind could be seen.

Robert is also contribuiting to Chandoo's excellent blog Pointy Haired Dilbert.

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~k.S! said...

Hi there.... I have been trying various Excel implementations of sparklines and found this blog and your development work very interesting. I downloaded the sample Airlines dashboard to review. I am having a problem where Excel has added a 'Sparkline' menu and I cannot seem to remove it by clicking on 'Remove Sparklines' options. This doesn't even show up in the add-in list. Can you suggest a way to fix this?