Another Treemap sample file

Another Tremap sample file is available here.

This file shows how you can highlight a given category of sectors in an SfE Treemap and how to select parameters for color coding.


Using the stock quote symbol for sectors labels would make it more readable, but it shows that a lot of things can be achieved with this UDF and a few Vlookup().


Alessandro said...

Hi Fabrice! Once again you are very positively surprising us...
Well, I was just giving your last treemap example a try, and it´s not grouping the rectangles...don´t know why. Any tip?

'Named after the cell that contains the formula : Destination
With DestinationRange.Worksheet.Shapes.Range(Arr)
.Name = "Sprk" & Destination.Address(, , xlR1C1) & "Shape"
Destination.Worksheet.Names.Add Name:="Sprk" & Destination.Address(, , xlR1C1), RefersToR1C1:="='" & Destination.Worksheet.Name & "'!" & Destination.Address(, , xlR1C1)
End With

Mes Cours said...

Hi Alessandro.
I could not replicate your error.

I suggest you delete all names of named ranges w/ the Name Manager and delete all shapes on page then refresh sparklines. Shapes are not grouped because the code is interupted just before the grouping instruction... I keep searching !