Sharing files that use SFE formulas

Lee asked me the following : "Several people on my team share Excel files and it seems the only way Sparklines will work is if the file is run from the same directory on each computer.  Is there a way to set up the application so this is not required?"

My initial answer was to use the "Find & Replace" option :
Select all the cells of the sheet containing Sparklines formulas.
Do a "Ctrl+H" and delete all text between "=" and the SFE formula.

Instead, I updated the add-in (at least the XL2007 so far) with the excellent solution suggested by Jan Karel Pieterse here.

On opening a file, the add-in now checks is there is any existing link with a Sparklines.xla or Sparklines.xlam in a cell on the sheet.
If any Sparklines link is found, it is automatically updated and the local add-in is used instead.
Voila !
The add-in is available here. Let me know if it works !

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