Template for Excel 2007

I just updated the template file for Excel 2007.

Template files as easier to share as they do not require users to install the addin and try to dodge the restrictive corporate policy for software install...

So click on the icon to download the xlsm template file.

PS : I have not done a lot of testing on this one, so drop me a line if any issue.
PPS : Excel 2003 file is on the way but I have to replicate all the debugging done previously on the 2007 version ...


Unknown said...

Hi Fabrice,

Really nice to see these template files. Could be really helpful in a corporate enviroment.

Is the template file as fast as the addin?

Keep up the good work.



Mes Cours said...


I have not made any test regarding execution speed, but the code is identical, so I suspect there is no noticeable difference.

Anonymous said...

can´t get enough of Your work!!!

it´s so cool


Michael J. said...

Hi fabrice,

First, thank you for your great work, now i can't use excel without sfe installed...

Using both the template file and the Addin, it seems that horizon chart with only negatives values produce no result, any idea?

Keep up the good work

Brian said...


Will it be easy to update documents based on this template whenever you release new versions of the template?

Brian said...


Will it be easy to update existing spreadsheets using your templates whenever they are updated? Will we just need to update a generic macros section etc?



Mes Cours said...

In a template file, the macro code is embedded INSIDE the file, so no "Update" to be done.
when it comes to the add-in, let's assume that additional parameters will be Optional and always placed at the end of the existing parameters... therefore the compatibility with previous versions is maintained... if not, I will inform on my blog, and explain how to work around.

Mes Cours said...

HorizonChart().... hum, have to work on that one and rediscover NixNut's code first. I take note but be patient

Anonymous said...


how do i "port" over this to existing Excel 2007 file?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fabrice,

when does the template for Xcel 2003 will see the light? sorry but at this latitudes (Argentina) we only have the Xcel 2003 license. Senior management is eagerly waiting for my dashboard, but it includes an Hbar() formula not supported by the current template.
Thanks in advance and congrats for this beautiful tool you provided!!!


Mes Cours said...

@ German :
Ciao German, el template para Excel 2003 esta disponible aqui :
aunque es una version de noviembre 2009, funciona correctamente

Por otra parte, Hbar() solamente es un formula "atajo" basada en Varichart(). basta con definr el parametro "Reference" =0 para alinear varichart a la izquierda de la celda.
Ejemplo : Hbar() = varichart(variacion ; 0).

Saludos de Francia

Laxman Rajagopalan said...

Hi Fabrice,

Awesome work on the sparklines. I have a question though - when I use barchart() with lines enabled and I try replicating this formula across multiple instances (by pulling on the cross-hair),I find that the lines (red lines) show up multiple times. Is this expected? How can I do away with these?


Mes Cours said...

@ Laxman,
By using the cross-hair pointer to copy a formula accross a range, you not only copy the formula, but also the chart that in included into the cell... logically, you will have the initial chart + the new one.
To put everything back to norma, just click on the "Refresh Sparklines" button of the Sparklines toolbar... et voila !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I had created files using the old add-on, but that has been blocked by corporate. Now, when I use the new program, I get an ActiveX error. Can you assist? The error is Error 429: ActiveX Can't create object...

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the excellent plugin.

I can't get the bulletchart to display anything. For instance if I want to show that I'm at 90% of the target I input the following formula:

=bulletchart (90,100,130)

No error is generated - but no graph appears!