BumpChart() is coming

Although I had very little time lately for playing w/ SfE, I managed to create a new little UDF, not to display in-cell charts, but to link cells this time.

Bump Charts have been extensively discussed (here, here and here) and ProcessTrend.com shows very good examples of how they could be used to describe ranking evolutions over time.

This new function has the following parameters :
- InitialPositionsRange - Range of initial positions (Mandatory)
- FinalPositionsRange - Range of final positions (Mandatory)
- NameHighlight- Name you want to highlight (Optional)
- PositionHighlight - Initial position you want to highlight (Optional)
- ColorUp - Color for values which final position is higher than initial (Optional)
- ColorDown - Color for values which final position is lower than initial (Optional)
- ColorHighlight - Color for the highlighted line (Optional)

Here is the final result with default colors and only the 3 first parameters (one UDF for each couple of Start/End data) :

Columns with intermediary position can be hidden for a smoother and more compact view :


Anonymous said...

Oh! my god stop smoking those cigars!!!
What a great job!!!

gigabyte(P) said...

I am keenly waiting for the BumpChart. :)

Lemme know in case you need help to build this. Least I can do is get some time to get this feature in my favorite tool pack.