64 bits version testers wanted

I have done some work on the 64 bits version, tested under Windows 7 / Office 2010 environment.

Drop me a line if you are interested in testing the add-in, as I do not have the proper environment to do so.

The version to be tested is the last 3.9, with BumpChart() included.

Thanks in advance


asliwx said...

I love to help out with the 64 bit office..... I am responsible for (next 2 years) transforming 7 years worth of performance data contained in thousands of spreadsheets of graphs and cross tabs into a Action Performance Dashboard that allows inductive and deductive capabilities(drill in and then out)... We are using R to do the analysis ...and we would to use sparklines... the excel 2010 version is ok..but not automatable... let me know if you

pregolfer said...

Very appreciative of your generosity in sharing these 64-bit plug-ins, so will gladly provide some feedback once I have run through some sample data.
Gail La Grouw