World education ranking

Here is my contribution to Chandoo's last little dataviz challenge : How would you Visualize World Education Ranking Data

I have used Stripechart() to provide a global overview of the dispersion of the countries scores (note that the scale starts at Zero)
ScaleXY() provides a common scale and some additional info about ranking and score.
Varichart() in front of a list of countries sorted by score provides both ranking and score comparison, with the little red line showing the OECD average.

PS :
I have not used the parameter "Show Average" in Stripechart() as the supplied OECD average value does not coincide with the calculated average of all countries.

Files :


Unknown said...

Great work, I've been using this tool in some of my work, i quite like all the optional parameters!

Anonymous said...

Impressive work, thanks for sharing.

xclmedia said...

Great work, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sparklines for excel will never be replaced by sparklines made by microsoft, because I think Microsoft won't do that effort to implement all those different sparklines in excel. This add-in is really great. Keep on this good job!!!. Really very good add-in. Maybe it's an idea to expand this add-in with some other BI graphing tools. I've a lot of ideas.



Ola said...

It would be great to have something like Ranked Line Chart.