Gantt Chart on its way

Just finished to put together a new UDF : GanttChart.
Pretty straight forward, this function displays tooltips when hovering over a task.
I am finishing some testing before uploading the new version SfE.

Here are the parameters for this function, only the first 4 are mandatory

ProjectStart As Date
ProjectEnd As Date
TaskStart As Date
TaskEnd As Date
TaskColor As String
TaskHyperlink As String
TaskTooltip As String

TaskCompletion As Double
CompletionLabel As Boolean
Today As Date
TodayColor As String
Deadline1 As Date
Deadline1Color As String
Deadline2 As Date
Deadline2Color As String
Deadline3 As Date
Deadline3Color As String
HitDate As Date
HitSymbol As Integer
HitColor As String


lumpkiss said...

Nice! I look forward to having to build those hidden stacked bar charts to emulate Gantts!

James Black said...
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Anonymous said...

Just what I need for a project reporting tool. Is this close to completion?