GanttChart() available

I have uploaded the last version of the add-in that includes the GanttChart() function.
A new icon is included in the "Composition" group

At this time GanttChart() is only available for Excel 2007+2010 in the usual sparklines.xlam file.

I also uploaded a sample file so you can play with and report some bugs ... ;-)

Link to the add-in :
Link to the sample file :

Looking forward for some feedback...


Anonymous said...

simply awesome

Anonymous said...

Tks a lot!
Any chance for the Excel 2003 remaining users?

Anonymous said...

Really very nice the gantt chart.
until now you could only make use of paid alternatives.
The graphics of this add-in are also really great.
It would be nice when some would bundle effort to enhance this to a real BI-platform.
Excel currently has a lot of shortcomings on that, and you really know how to deal with clear presentation of data.

Thnx a lot for all your effort until now.

Unknown said...

It's great.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Being able to use a Gantt chart for my presentation makes it so easy to understand.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this new feature. I thought about sparklines while searching for a illustrative method to show some data.

This hits the mark, almost.

My suggestion? Appears that this is setup to work in increments of one day(integers). In my gantt chart, I was hoping to work in real time.

My use is not traditional gantt chart and project management, but to illustrate timing of activities over time.

I'll try and work around by scaling. I'll round my data to hours and scale hours to integers.

Appreciate your work.

Anonymous said...

Very useful add-in, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

For hit points, the symbol appears to be drawn after the text, so the text can (usually part of the %-sign) appears to get overdrawn. Otherwise very nice

Anonymous said...

This is interesting.
What should i do to do the gantt chart with time (say 15 - 30 mins interval) instead of days ?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

it really looks good, but as a new user of sparklines I can`t use the Gantt-Chart function without a kind of manual. Could anyone explain the function in detail to me? Would really appreciate that. Thanks a lot

Mario said...

I've been looking for this sort of thing for a long time. Beautiful. Thank you so much for making this available.