64 bits version updated

The Office 2010-64 bits version is now at the same stage as the 32 bits version, including GanttChart.

Here is the change-log :

'24/06/2010 - Corrected FunctionWizard behavior for some functions (wrong counting of letters in formula) in SpraklinesSheetActions
'30/06/2010 - Modified Boxplot so Points can be entered not only as a Range but also as an Array {1;2;3}
'24/07/2010 - Added control for negative values in BulletChart & RevBulletchart
'24/07/2010 - Corrected call for DrawTarget in BulletChart & RevBulletchart
'13/08/2010 - Added in StackedChart : If Points.Cells(i).Value = 0 Then TextLabel = ""
'13/08/2010 - Added Targets to Barchart, possibility to add target value for each bar value
'17/09/2010 - Added VerticalFlip parameter to LineChart
'14/10/2010 - Changed FontSize algorithm in Treemap, to maintain visual hierachy (does not work OK)
'21/10/2010 - Piechart : If Val(Application.Version) >= 12, in order to handle properly piecharts in XL2010 (Version = 14)
'04/01/2011 - Assign Ctrl+Alt+F5 & Ctrl+Alt+F6 to display / hide Sparklines menu
'04/01/2011 - as default in Xl2007 template file, Sparklines menu will be hidden
'05/01/2011 - Modified text size algorithm in Treemap()
'07/01/2011 - Changed scaleXY to scalexy (low caps) as it erased existing formula
'08/05/2011 - Changed Barchart Target behavior (Thicker and smaller tick)
'08/05/2011 - Changed refresh routine --> call procedure DrawCharts
'21/09/2011 - Modified Heatmat so it works w/ merged cells
'26/09/2011 - Added label, tooltip and hyperlink to Heatmap
'27/10/2011 - Created GanttChart

The file is available here : http://www.box.net/shared/3rm3nbkiqn


Nick Barclay said...

Amazing work! Looking forward to using this more.

I think there is a problem with the Standard Scale dialog in the 64 bit build. It doesn't expose all the parameters as referenced in the documentation. The XY Scale dialog is fine, though.


Anonymous said...

Are the template files going to be updated with the Gant functionality as well by any chance? Would be amazing!