UDF, add-ins and sharing files

Here is one comment posted recently :

"I am having some trouble with sharing files.
If I pass my file to a co-worker who has installed the add-in,all the formulas fail to work and checking them , cell formula changed to :
='C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\ApplicationData\Microsoft\AddIns\Sparklines_3.2.2.RNO.xla'!linechart('PI Data2'!I11:I299,,0,150,G13/24)"

Annoying indeed...

The first versions of sparklines were Excel files that could be used as templates, with the advantage that the VBA code was embedded into the file, so no problem to share those files.

This no longer the case with add-ins.
The *.xla file, containing the code is saved in your add-in library, which location changes for each different user :C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\ApplicationData\Microsoft\AddIns\

To solve this, the add-in release I just posted (3.2.3 for XL2003 + 3.2.6 for XL2000) will now be installed in C:\Program files\Sparklines... and nowhere else !

This should satisfy many users, but I already can hear "I am working wit Citrix", "I have not admin rights, I cannot install anything on C:"... one step at a time, we'll address that later.

PS : Remember to uninstall the previous versions of the add-in (last option of the Sparklines menu) before installing this new release.

PS2 : I'll be off-line for 2 weeks... absolutely unreachable (yes, it is still possible !), mountain climbing in Argentina between Mount Incahuasi (6.610m) and Pissis (6.795m)... see ya!


David Vize said...

Champion stuff, I hope you are enjoying your time off while I am forced to wander the beach and national park all within 5k of my house every day after work.
Is there a chance you actually documented your specific changes? since I have modified quite a bit I jsut want to steal a few odds and sodds, like the bit that lets cut and paste work! I don't knwo what others get but I get a neat hand in a red circle when I paste from other spreadsheets. I did see info that you had fixed, any clues as to where to grab the snippet of code?

Anonymous said...

having a problem with v3.2.3 for XL2003.
My data is updated based upon a formula. I am receiving a run time error '28' out of stack space. Debug shows the app hanging at Class Modules:clsmyappeventtrap Private Sub xlAppEvent_SheetCalculate(ByVal SH As Object) DrawCharts.

If I update data manually it works fine.

This has not been a problem until I updated to this version.

Any help is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

David: Fabrice's fix is to not use the .pasteface method anymore for the menu. See Addmenus in CommandBarMacro
Another thing you can try is comment out the xlAppEvent_WorkbookActivate and xlAppEvent_WorkbookDeactivate Sub's in clsMyAppEventTrap.

cuboo said...

Very nice tool, thank you! Unfortunately I have some problems with my - german - windows-version caused by the fixed coding of the folderstructure. Theres is no 'C:\Documents and Settings\cuboo\ApplicationData\Microsoft\AddIns!
Here it's '\C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\cuboo\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\AddIns. It's the same with 'C:\Program Files\Sparklines ...
I can read your VBA-Code but I do not want to change anything because I'm not an expert in VBA. Perhaps you may have an idea to get the folderstructure dynamically depending on the systemlanguage.
the best, Lars