Christmas Treemap !!

Right on time for Xmas delivery : a Treemap UDF joins the SfE toolbar.
Here goes the screenshot, explanations will follow !

Works more or less like the Heatmap() UDF and has contextual tooltip when hovering on a sector.
Ok, not a Sparkline anymore, but a usefull feature for dashboards.

I will come back after some debugging.


Jon Peltier said...

Fabrice -

This is impressive. Your little hobby (SfE has become quite an obsession!

Mes Cours said...

Thanks Jon, glad you like it ! ;-)
and Yes ! this damn thing is an obsession, and a pretty pointless one as there are plenty of professional tool out there... but it's fun !

Anonymous said...

I tried CO2 emission treemap in EXCEL 2010 and It gives errors for columns G36, G37, G38 and L43. It shows #NAME? in these cells. What am I doing wrong?
I downloaded file Sparklines.xlam and copied it to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\ADDINS
Before opening CO2 emission Treemap.xlsx file I opened Sparlines.xlam
Thank you,

Mes Cours said...


you should follow the steps described here to install an add-in :

Paulo Correia said...

Sir, I bow in respect. Years ago I tried the addon and after some experimentation I concluded it wouldn´t go very far, it was too amateurish. I was wrong! It grew immensely !

You have my admiration for the development and for keeping this project freely availabe.

Greetings from Portugal